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Identifying and Avoiding Stairlift Scams

Internet-based fraud has invaded almost every sector of the economy, including the accessibility equipment industry. Here are a few tips to help you identify untrustworthy businesses you find online that might be running stairlift scams.

A estimate that's just too cheap

As much as we’d all prefer to believe otherwise, a decent stairlift typically costs many thousand dollars. So, how are there some web storefronts managing to offer such a “bargain”? Do these too-good-to-be-true costs end up to being bait for stairlift scams?

To start with, the lifts they sell are typically DIY models, that in itself is less than ideal. With decades in the business we’ve come to the conclusion that expecting even the most savvy client to self-install such a complicated device is irresponsible. Saying the installation is “easy” and may be done “with a wrench and screwdriver” is even more irresponsible. The actual fact is that putting in a stairlift includes, cutting track, running power wires, setting screws into step treads, internal switch adjustment, power checking with a volt/ohm meter, and lots of different convoluted tasks – any of which might make the entire procedure dangerous if done improperly.

If “professional” installation is obtainable at all by these dubious on-line vendors, it winds up being done by an area handyman who has never put in a stairlift before. That is as dangerous as self-installation from a safety standpoint of view. In addition, a local handyman whose primary business isn’t accessibility is unlikely to keep replacement parts for you.

Fishy-sounding claims

Unethical businesses are typically ready to say anything in order to close a deal.

One common claim made by several on-line stairlift resellers is that battery-powered stairlifts aren’t a decent alternative. Anyone who has spent any time within the stairlift business is aware that battery units represent 90% of the stairlifts made worldwide and are the perfect option for many individuals. Non-battery units do make more sense, though, if you are an online dealer who sells nothing else!

Hot deals on pre-owned stairlifts

Let’s consider this for a moment, in contrast to local installers, on-line stairlift outfits do not take existing units on trade. So, why do several of them have such an abundance of cut-rate used staircase lifts publicized on their sites? Might it be that these used stairlifts are literally returned units that customers could not manage to install? Worse yet, might they be units that came back defective?

If you buy from a less than ethical stairlift dealer...

Everything could also be fine, initially. Sooner or later, however, you will require replacement parts or repair for your stairlift. That is when reality sets in: you discover that you cannot reach the the retailer that sold you the lift, your warranty is not supported, and also the manufacturer will not even consult with you because you are a consumer, not a dealer. What you don’t want is to find yourself in a state of affairs of owning a stair lift, put in, that you cannot even use.

Get an honest estimate from a reputable dealer

Country Home Elevator has mobility specialists who install and maintain on-site the stairlifts they sell. We are not out for the quick buck. Your satisfaction is our goal. Is a stairlift right for you? Start by getting a no-obligation stairlift cost estimate for your home.