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Commercial Elevators

Commercial elevators are in a different league than the residential elevators in several ways. Compared to elevators used in homes, commercial elevators are:

  • Larger
  • Heavier
  • Used more frequently
  • Higher capacity
  • Subject to inspection
  • Priced higher

Comparing a home elevator to commercial passenger elevators installed for public use is like contrasting the difference between a family car versus an 18-wheel semi tractor & trailer. The reasons for the price difference are obvious.

Within the commercial range is a halfway point referred to as “light duty commercial elevators”. Country Home Elevator has several such installations. These elevators are typically considered Limited Use elevators, know as “LU/LA” elevators. Most such applications are not intended to cater to passengers in public space, rather they are most often found in areas designated “employees only”. They are typically made to vertically transport inventory or materials in back rooms of stores and warehouses. Capacity, size, and design can be customized according to the application.

When you need commercial elevator, a conversation with the experts at Country Home Elevator & Stair Lift can go a long way toward providing you with the information you need for understanding the options available and making the right decision. Our extensive experience with installing and servicing light-duty elevators for material handling, LU/LA, dumbwaiters, and holeless hydraulic commercial elevators is unmatched in our market area. Through the superior engineering, efficient processes, and purchasing power gained from our more than 25 years in the elevator business, the choice is simple. Contact Country Home Elevator & Stair Lift today.

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