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Holeless Hydraulic Commercial Elevators

The original hydraulic elevators required holes for the jacks exactly as deep as the total rise of the elevator. So, a hydraulic elevator in a four-story commercial installation would require a set of bore holes over forty feet deep, starting beneath the four-foot pit under the elevator shaft. Such systems are expensive to install – particularly in areas with shallow bedrock – hard to repair, and prone to leaking hydraulic fluid into the groundwater.

Today, many hydraulic elevators have moved to a roped design, which, through a simple application of physics, allows the use of a shorter hydraulic jack – one that doesn’t need to disappear into the ground. Thus, the “holeless” designation.

Commercial elevator metal interior cab

Canton Elevator

We are pleased to offer holeless commercial units by Canton Elevator of Ohio, a recognized leader in this industry. We install both their single-entry and front/back models, with capacity ranging from 2000 to 3500 pounds. These elevators are perfect for many commercial installations, and can be configured to carry either freight or passengers.

Canton Architectural Cabs

In addition to their hydraulic elevator systems, Canton is noted for the quality and aesthetics of their cabs. Any look and function can be achieved with custom designs using stainless steel, glass, granite, bronze, wood veneer, and more. Matching Canton entrances and controls make the whole installation a complementary piece of architectural work.