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Professional Elevator Mechanics - Not "Home Advisors"

Not everybody who can change an elevator cab light fixture or knock mud dauber nests out of a hoistway qualifies as an elevator service professional. Being a professional means knowing what you’re doing, but it also means being there to do it when the customer needs it done, and getting it accomplished smoothly in a way that makes the customer happy.

At Country Home Elevator, we strive to uphold a standard of true professionalism in all our work. Whether it’s a broken cab phone or six people stuck in an elevator with a broken cab phone, your elevator problem is our elevator problem.

Techs And Tools For Any Situation

We can maintain and repair virtually any make of home elevator or stairlift; we have trained on and serviced dozens of brands in our time. So, even if someone else installed your elevator, don’t give it a thought. Country Home Elevator can pick up the ball at any point and carry it all the way to your complete satisfaction.

Emergency Home Elevator Service

When somebody’s stuck in an elevator or strange noises are being heard from the lift mechanism, “Please leave your name and number” isn’t going to cut it. That’s why our elevator pros are on call 24/7/365 through our emergency service line: 417-376-4009. When bad things happen and you call our emergency elevator service line, you can expect a qualified elevator professional to appear at your site as soon as humanly possible.

Country Home Elevator & Stairl Lift car
CSPC and AEMA Elevator Gap Safety Alert

Learn more about the recent CSPC Alert issued about the serious hazard to children associated with residential elevators, noncompliant safety codes and standards that allow excessive space between the car gates and hoistway doors.