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Craig Jones Improves Residential Elevator Safety Standards

Craig Jones Improves Residential Elevator Safety Standards At Country Home Elevator & Stair Lifts, home elevator safety is a prerequisite without compromise. Company owner, Craig S. Jones has engineered numerous elevator installations and reviewed specifications of other elevator companies proposing unsafe designs and questionable safety practices. Through this experience, Jones participated in the development of practical solutions to make home elevators safer, and as a member of the committee responsible for defining industry safety standards, recently co-authored a safety code improvement with life-saving potential. Many common residential elevator installations use both a gate and a standard door. This configuration leaves … Read more

The End Of An Era: ThyssenKrupp Access Leaves North America

August 22nd, 2012, marked the beginning of the end for two of America’s home elevator and lift brand names – Access Industries and National Wheel-O-Vator. On that day, global elevating giant ThyssenKrupp announced the imminent closure of its North American division, ThyssenKrupp Access. There will be no more new production – and soon, no more new parts – for TKA, National Wheel-O-Vator, LEV, Access Industries, and other brands established or acquired in the history of ThyssenKrupp Access. In their decision to shutter the operation, ThyssenKrupp officials cited manufacturing issues and the sluggish economy. Unfortunately, the bad economy is about to … Read more