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Subterrane Garage Parking Vehicle Lifts

Think your garage is out of space? Reconsider that. Even as home elevators lead to the possibility of vertically expanding a house while not increasing its footprint, parking elevators permit you to fit double the amount of cars within the same garage. This answer is especially ideal when you need to safeguard a vehicle that you simply might not drive day to day. Owners of sports cars and collectible rides, as an instance, will shield those valuable investments while not taking over premium garage space.

Made in the USA - quality and service

Unlike several parking lifts, that are marketed in America however are really manufactured overseas, Vasari automotive elevators are made in the USA. This implies not only higher standards of quality and safety, but far better manufacturer support additionally. Add the local know-how of Oklahoma-based Country Home Elevator, and you’ve got a really solid combination of quality and service.

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Whether you’re a dedicated automotive collector or simply have a precious vehicle that deserves special treatment, an underground parking lift is the complete solution. you’ve got the security to keep the vehicle hidden away below the surface. If you happen to have a few dozen vehicles, do you really want an ugly parking lot or warehouse on your property? Underground garage lift solutions from Country Home Elevator can assist you in getting them hidden underground — out of sight.

We work together with your architect and builder to make sure that the lift is meticulously consistent with the style of your garage. Contact County Home Elevator today to create your garage dream.