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    Staircase Measurement Discount Form

    To apply for the $200 Staircase Measurement Discount, please fill out this form completely, including pictures of your staircase. If you have any trouble, please call us at 888-971-6785 or email.

    Part 1: Your Information

    Please enter your name and contact information completely. This information will only be used to follow up on your interest in stairlifts.

    Part 2: Staircase Measurements

    To reduce the possibility of measuring errors, we recommend each measurement be taken twice. Additionally, be careful not to let your tape measure flex between stairs when measuring long runs.

    Step 1

    Measure from the edge of your top stair in a straight line across the stairs to the floor as shown. This is the overall stair length.

    Step 2

    Now run your tape measure from the edge of the top step to the edge of the lowest step. This is the nose-to-nose length.

    Step 3

    Usable width is the clear width of your staircase at its narrowest point, not including any part that lies beyond a railing.

    Step 4

    We need to know how much space is available at the bottom of the stairs. Measure from the bottom step to the wall or first major obstruction.

    Step 5

    If rise and tread are not the same for all stairs, please list the largest measurements here and note the others under “additional notes” below.





    Step 6

    No. of risers includes the top stair, but not the bottom landing. Installation side is as viewed from the bottom of the stairs. Please be sure to attach photos so that we can help you choose the optimal side.

    Additional Notes

    Part 3: Upload Photos

    Please upload at least one but up to three clear, well-focused digital images of your staircase. If you have trouble uploading, you may email the images directly to or bring prints to our office.