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Planned Maintenance Visits (PMV)

Keep it maintained, keep it safe, keep it running

Nothing works for long while not getting regular maintenance, and your home elevator isn’t an exception. It’s going to be tempting to “set it and forget it”, however once it involves elevators, waiting to consider maintenance until something breaks may be a dangerous and mistake.

Is your elevator warranty valid?

Most component warranties need regular qualified service to be valid, therefore if you are not obtaining regular service, you may not be protected in the event of equipment failure. This is often just another example of how letting things go to pot can be a lot more expensive in the future than keeping them maintained annually.

Elevator technician w/ harness
Elevator appointment book

Semi-annual elevator checkups and service

Just two visits per year from Country Home Elevator service specialists will go a long way toward increased safety and longer equipment life. Sign up for our planned maintenance program today; your elevator will thank you for years to come.

We do house calls

Do you have a Planned Maintenance Agreement?