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Prefab Exterior Elevators

When retrofitting an existing building with an elevator, it can sometimes be difficult to find a space where the hoist way will fit. In situations like this, the easiest solution is often to put the elevator in a self-contained shaft outside the structure, with one or more hoist way openings leading into the building. Townhouses, condominiums, and apartment units are particularly well-suited to exterior-shaft elevators.

Adding pre-fab exterior elevator shaft
A traditional exterior shaft can take 2-4 weeks to construct. A prefab hoistway and machine room, built off-site, can be installed in just a few

Building a shaft from scratch and integrating it into the existing structure involves time and labor – during much of which the daily business of an occupied building may have to be disrupted. Enter the prefabricated elevator, designed and built to fit each installation, delivered on a flatbed, and installed in as little as four hours.

Prefab elevators were introduced by Infinite Access in 1994.  They have been manufactured under the Phoenix Modular Elevator name since 2009

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