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Symmetry – The Ultimate Residential Elevator

With USA-made quality, industry-leading features, and great value for even the most budget-minded purchaser, Symmetry Elevating Solutions is our residential elevator of choice. Symmetry units are classy in appearance, whisper quiet, energy saving, environmentally friendly, and unsurpassed in safety precautions.

Symmetry residential elevators are competitively priced in convenient packages, which you can view on our Packages page.

Backed by a three year limited parts warranty and the always-available expertise of Country Home Elevator’s qualified technicians.

Symmetry elevator in use

Industry-Leading Warranty

Wheelchair Lift4 years2 years4 years3 years2 years
Residential Elevator3 years2 years3 years3 years2 years
LU/LA Elevator3 years2 years2 years3 years2 years
Home elevator convenience

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Standard Symmetry Features

  • Up to six stops
  • Two drive system options available:
    • In-line geared traction (no need for a machine room)
    • Roped hydraulic system (with compact machine room)
  • Cab sizes from 12 to 18 square feet*—big enough to haul a piece of furniture or a few friends (*Available cab size may vary depending on local codes)
  • 7’ interior height with 8’ overhead is standard (8′ interior height with 9’ overhead is optional at no charge)
  • Automatic cab lighting—comfortable and convenient
  • 950lb capacity—durable and dependable
  • Car Operating Panel with push-button operation and LED floor position indicator
  • Hall call stations with call button and car arrival indicator
  • Three year limited parts warranty

Standard Symmetry Features

  • Full selection of finishes and options
  • Single automatic operation
  • Telephone system with cabinet

Environmentally Friendly

  • Two energy-saving recessed overhead LED lights with black trim rings
  • Our specialty fixtures are made from recycled, sustainable materials
  • Green material alternatives and finishes for car interiors
  • Energy-saving 230VAC, 60Hz 10amp single phase power supply for motor controller

Safety Features

  • In-car Alarm button, emergency stop switch and telephone—let others know if help is needed
  • If power goes out, lights and alarm are on
  • Uninterrupted power—lower the car and open the gate even in a blackout
  • Slack rope/chain safety device
  • Motor controller supply (located in controller)
  • Car light supply (located in controller)
  • Upper and lower final limits
  • Car top stop switch
  • Electromechanical hoistway door interlocks (doors by others)
  • Manual lowering device
Symmetry home elevator cabs
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