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Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators

A relatively new technology, the pneumatic vacuum elevator has no peer for visual appeal, view from cab, quiet operation, and safety. Country Home Elevator sells and installs vacuum elevators from leading manufacturer PVE, in all three sizes to accommodate the needs of every application.

The best looks and ride of any home elevator

The pneumatic vacuum elevator has been justifiably represented as a piece of art that happens to hold passengers. Regardless of the design and interior decoration of your home, its clear tube can add an aesthetic touch unmatched by the other styles of lifts. It’s even exceptional from within the cab, where passengers can relish a 360-degree perspective of the house – a feat no normal elevator can match. This fully clear style may also facilitate the alleviation of claustrophobia for some home elevator users.

Vacuum elevators

Vacuum Elevator Safety

Modern home elevators come with varied options to make sure user safety is at the forefront, such as slack cable devices and T-rail brakes. Within the case of a vacuum elevator, however, safety is in its very nature. The elevator is held up by pressurized air, even supposing this pressure were to suddenly leak, the probable result would be nothing more than a descent to ground level at a sanguine speed.

Due to its lack of moving components a vacuum elevator is additionally abundantly less probable to get stuck between floors, and by a similar token it’s much easier to securely lower in the event it does get stuck.

Vacuum Elevator Requirements

Because a vacuum elevator comes with its own shaft, it’s not necessary to frame a special elevator shaft into a building wherever one is going to be put in. Also, there’s no requirement for a separate machine area. All that’s required is an extra-wide opening for the door, as vacuum elevators by their nature need extra space for entry and exit. they’re priced on the high end of the range of choices, but without the requirement for a custom hoistway, they have a tendency to be a viable possibility for a wider vary of home structures.