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ThyssenKrupp Access Parts And Service

With ThyssenKrupp Access effectively shutting down its North American business in 2012, many owners of TKA elevators are wondering about their future parts and service needs. The concern is not only for the TKA brand itself, but also for the many brands and lines produced or acquired by ThyssenKrupp Access over the years. These include National Wheel-O-Vator, LEV, Access Industries, and Destiny. On light commercial applications, TKA’s Evolution LU/LA and Flexi-Lifts are also affected.

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CHE and TK Access

Craig S Jones receives LEV award
Craig Jones receives LEV award

Country Home Elevator has a long history with ThyssenKrupp Access. Owner Craig Jones started his career designing stairlift track in the engineering department of American Stair Glide, which was purchased by TKA. Later he moved on to sales, then finally business development, before launching out into other endeavors. When he founded Country Home Elevator, TK Access brands were our mainstay, including LEV on the residential and Evolution on the light commercial side.

There is no longer any business association between CHE and TK Access. We have moved on to the Symmetry line, and TKA has unfortunately moved on to a departure from the US market. However, given our long history with the company, we have unsurpassed resources and expertise to take up the slack for owners of existing TKA products.

Service For Your TK Access Elevator

Because of our long experience, Country Home Elevator is well-suited to work on TK Access, LEV, NWOV, and other ThyssenKrupp brands. Most of our technicians are already familiar with the typical product issues of ThyssenKrupp Access, and the solutions to those problems. If you need service on a TK Access brand elevator anywhere in Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, or Kansas, call the expert technicians at Country Home Elevator – 800-482-1931.

Parts For TK Access, LEV, National Wheel-O-Vator, And More

The only TKA parts left in the US market will be those in dealer stockpiles, and these stockpiles will not last forever. Fortunately, many ThyssenKrupp parts are not vendor proprietary – generic compatibles will work. The key is having the knowledge to correctly cross the TK, NWOV, or LEV part number to a compatible item. If there is a compatible generic part for what you need, we can find and source it. All you have to do is contact us with the original part number. CHE has also retrofitted 65 LEV elevators with complete electronic PLC controller packages from Symmetry Elevating Systems

CHE is also in the process of building up our online catalog site for compatible elevator parts, Access2Parts.com. You can shop on your own through our ever-growing selection, searching by brand name or by the original part number.

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