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Vertical Platform Lifts

A vertical platform lift is a cost-effective way to add wheelchair accessibility to your home or public facility. Generally, vertical platform lifts are more space-conscious and visually appealing than ramps. Platform lifts can be outdoor or indoor, enclosed or open, stationary or portable, for maximum flexibility.

  • Exterior enclosed vertical platform lift

    Setting the lift upright...

  • Vertical Platform Lift

    Then putting it into place.

  • Add-on Exterior elevator shaft

    Many hours later, the finished product.

  • Installing vertical platform lift

    Lifting it (with a little help)...

Outdoor wheelchair lift
Wheelchair / Platform Lift

Symmetry Vertical Platform Lifts

Symmetry Elevating Solutions, our recommended manufacturer of home elevators, also makes a line of wheelchair lifts. Made in the United States, Symmetry vertical platform lifts carry the quality and engineering of Symmetry beyond the field of elevators.


Unenclosed model designed for lifting heights up to 60”. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Can either be mounted directly to the floor or in a shallow pit.

Download the VPC-UL brochure.


Goes up and down within its own, self-contained enclosure. This enclosure can either have an “open” look, with a 42″ tall gate and enclosure extension above the upper landing, or be fully enclosed, complete with full-height doors, roof and ventilation system for outdoor applications. In addition to the drive tower, lift platform, and enclosure, this unit also has landing doors and/or gates that are fully integrated into the walls themselves.

Download the VPC-SL brochure.


Designed to be installed in a shaftway or hoistway built by others. The lift platform and drive tower are located within the shaftway, while each landing consists of a door or gate, integral to the operation of the lift. At the uppermost landing, the shaftway can extend all the way to the ceiling or to a minimum of 42″ beyond the upper landing, for a more “open” application.

Download the VPC-SL brochure.

Wheelchair Lift for stage
Don't let steps stand between your graduates and their diplomas.

Stage Lift Applications

Three or four steps up to get your high school diploma – no challenge for a person with ordinary mobility, but it might as well be a mountain for those in wheelchairs. The need for wheelchair accessibility in auditorium and stage applications is often overlooked, but it becomes painfully obvious in situations like the one illustrated at left. Don’t let a moment like this mar your next event. Colleges, universities, churches and public stage facilities of all kinds should have the necessary equipment in place to ensure easy stage access for everyone.

Country Home Elevator provides special solutions for stage applications in schools and other public venues. In the building shown here, we installed a partially enclosed platform lift in the back of an existing closet next to the stage. The cost was reasonable, disruption to the venue minimal – and impact for those with mobility problems, immeasurable.

Wheelchair Lift for stage at graduation ceremony

Vertical platform lifts have many applications and are a cost effective way to help building owners fulfill ADA accessibility requirements.