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Vuelift Panoramic Elevator

Panoramic Glass Elevator + Integrated Hoistway

Vuelift is driven by an energy-efficient winding drum drive train system using two aircraft cables for a smooth, stable ride. And out of sight – but not out of mind – the elevator cab is fitted with 24 guides made from low-friction material to gently glide the cab up and down.

As strong as they are beautiful, standard-sized Vuelift home elevators are available in 840 lb capacity acrylic models, or 950 lb capacity glass models. Proudly manufactured in North America.

stand-alone solution that comes complete with an integrated hoistway, Vuelift ascends elegantly within existing architecture. No walls to build, no construction to manage. Whether placed in the center of your living space, or adjacent to windows, Vuelift won’t spoil your view. From great rooms to the great outdoors, a Vuelift inside your home still means you can enjoy the landscape to its fullest.

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